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Way back in 1893 the brothers Yankel and Zelman Rakovshchiki established a distillery in the Nizhne-Lyakhovskaya Street next to the town center of Minsk. There is still the office building existing, a solid brick construction, where the long story of success began. The spirits of the brothers were a significant sample of top quality level and became soon a master for the government's liquor standards. Proudly they held the gold medal honor during the exhibition of the Zar's suppliers in Rostov. Starting with a 5 hp steam plant, fermentation vats and two dozens of employees they produced beverages worth 89 thousand Rubles per year.


In early XX century the distillery was a member of the monopolistic association of yeast brewery and alcohol distillery owners of the North-Western Region. During the refurbishment in 1910 an electric generator, a 50 hp steam engine, a 75 hp loco mobile and a 25 hp gas generator were installed. By the 20-th anniversary of the company they employed already 150 workers. The turn-over exceeded 719 thousand Rubles and the enterprise soon turned into the most recognized distillery plant in Belarus in terms of technology as well as production capacity.


The Great October Socialist Revolution affected the distillery's performance. The brothers Rakovshchik's plant became nationalized by Bolsheviks, used to accommodate the public alcohol warehouse and the vodka distillery was poorly equipped and automated. Finally they developed gradually with capacities up to 4000 liters per shift.


In 1924 the USSR Government declared a resolution referring to volume of alcoholic beverages production. The year after the distillery was converted into the state owned Spirit andVodka Distillery and after 1937 their treasured master recipes were standards for all Soviet vodkas.


The economic boom in Belarus during the post WW II years raised the demand for premium beverages. In the year 1948 the distillery started implementing efficient methods for filtration and water softening techniques to improve once more the vodka quality. In the 50s the management was focused on worldwide marketing the great reputation of Russian vodka and tried hard to keep the leadership in quality and taste. Vodka Minskaya was the flagship of their product line.


During the 60s and 70s installation of modern manufacturing tools allowed enlarging volume but maintaining a constant quality level. At this time the specific rectification and purification process was invented, which guaranties the smooth taste together with characteristic fine flavor.


In July 1986 the corporation buys three starch factories plus related 3050 ha farm land.


On the occasion of the 100th jubilee one more upgrade was created referring to the single estate premium vodka Minskaya, named Kristall100 in this year of celebration. Thanks to the patented В«black flintВ» plus silver filtration technology a new class of vodka was born.


In 2002 the distillery was transformed into Production and Commerce Republican Unitary Enterprise Minsk Kristall (RUE В«Minsk KristallВ») and employs 770 workers. Meanwhile Minskaya is a raising star and became worldwide a symbol for perfection. Even the pure water from a 300m deep source located on Minsk Kristall's territory used for that genuine vodka became quite popular and is bottled for sale. It is the preferred mineral water in many European countries now.


Since 2000 RUE В«Minsk KristallВ» works in accordance with the European quality management system STB ISO 9001 In 2003 certification according to the National system of acknowledgement of conformity of the Republic of Belarus plus the system of ecological management (STB ISO 14001) 2004 the HACCP standards for quality insurance and safety in the food industry hazard analysis control point- were passed successfully In 2008 - a control system of labor safety (STB 18001) was installed In 2008 the enterprise has received the certificate В«OrganicВ», confirming that production of vodkas and special vodkas at RUE В«Minsk KristallВ» meet all requirements of the European Standards EU 2092/91


International contest-degustation В«The best vodka of the yearВ», Moscow, 2009 Vodka Minskaya Kristall was awarded with Gold medal.


RUE В«Minsk KristallВ» in our days is a state-of-the-art distillery and manufactures all ingredients on its own territory. Continuously improving and investing Minsk Kristall combines latest technology with traditional recipes for unique flavour and exceptional quality. More than 580 rewards show the good reputation. The single estate premium vodka Minskaya is now proudly called RUSSIAN CULT to cherish this heritage. Although sophisticated processing is used the number of bottles is strictly limited each year to ensure the Rakovshchik's brothers philosophy of the fine art of vodka making - since 1893 and as long as life exists...